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History of KCC....
The Kothamangalam Cricket Club (KCC) was founded in the year 1994
by Mr.K.Loganathan (Former KCC Captain) and Mr.M.R.Sivanathan
( KCC Manager),. KCC conducted annual cricket matches every year
and participated with many other teams.  Since 2002 onwards KCC was
not able to conduct the annual cricket Match because of the lack of
coordination among the team members.

KCC faced another major crisis at the beginning of the year 2002 when
a cessation of major matches occurred, the causes were shortage of
players and lack of investment. But, KCC was bring back again in the
year 2011 with a new face, Mr. R. Bhaskaran. 
Mr. R.Bhaskaran step forward and approached to KCC team members
directly and motivated them to re establish the KCC club. Now, the club
is fully re-organized by Mr. R. Bhaskaran by adopting some of the
professional strategies and process control tools. KCC consist of 15
members all around the world and is solely a non-profitable
organization, our aim is to enhance the people’s life style by bringing
up their talent to the global level.

Along with the sports events KCC is also doing charitable events to give
a hand to poor peoples and encouragement programs to school students.

KCC’s newest innovation is “Kothamangalam Premier League”, and is
essentially a holiday entertainment. It has so far enjoyed enormous
popularity and has attracted large attendees at matches as well as good
audience ratings. The inaugural of KPL tournament was held in 2011. Six
teams from various parts of Alangudi Taluk had been participated. It was a
grand success and in 2012 we have gone to the next level. Conducted
preliminary matches in various taluks in Pudukkottai District. Six teams
from various Taluks had been shortlisted and versus each other. Same
year KCC was registered officially with Tamil Nadu Government. After the
successful story of this Tournament KCC has become a well popular
sports club in Tamilnadu. In the beginning of 2013 we have decided to write
new epic in Cricket Tournaments in Tamilnadu. We have announced
Tamilan Premier League (TPL), T20 matches for whole Tamilnadu State.
Eight well talented professional cricket teams will be participating in the
2013 TPL Cricket League. And the milestone for this year is we are
telecasting live matches all over the world through our website.

Even though we have gone to high level we are conducting KPL matches to
our KCC Groups every year to bring up the talented cricket players in the
birthplace of our club
In the upcoming years we are anticipating to conduct other sports events
like Football, Volley Ball, Kabadi etc in Tamilnadu.

In the year 2012, KCC was registered officially with Tamil Nadu
KCC have a high vision to meet the global standards and stand as a top
international sports organization.

2014 Kothamangalam Premier League t20 (KPL) WINNER, Dragon Riders -Merpanaikadu (JEI HANUMAN CRICKET CLUB)
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People can be united in many ways. Every
human being have a 'sports craze' dissolved in
their blood.So I selected the path of sports to
unite the people.There was a club KCC
established in Kothamangalam, my birth place
by my role models. When I grown up I have
taken a decision to give my hand to actively
conduct sports activities of my sports club. Then
we together formed  innovative plans for the
"KCC Organizer foreword"
development of cricket. That was the birth of Kothamangalam Permier
League. Professional cricket clubs from various parts of Tamilnadu
versus each other here. Coming years you can expect tremendous
innovation from us. Let us Play and Unite.
R. Bhaskaran
KCC Organizer
(New Delhi)
2014 Kothamangalam Premier League T20 (KPL) RUNNER, Golden Warriors -Kothamangalam (ILAYATHALAPATHI CRICKET CLUB)
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